Black Dirt Malt

Black Dirt Malt is up and running in Pine Island, NY. Started in 2015 by 3 farmers and a Master Distiller, Black Dirt Malt can process 5,000 lbs. of finished malt per week with their new automated malting equipment aptly named the “Maltatore”.

    The Farmers , Brett Ford, Brian Ford, and Chip Lain have a lifetime and many generations of farming background growing a diverse range of crops in the Black Dirt region of Orange County, New York. They started growing malting barley in 2012 and sold it to regional malt houses. In 2015 the farmers partnered with Black Dirt Distillery (owned by Master Distiller Jason Grizzanti and Jeremy Kidde) and formed Black Dirt Malt. After a year and a half of planning , design work, building renovations, and equipment (from Prospero Equipment) installation they malted their first grain in October, 2016. 

  “Brett is our head Malster and we malt what we grow on our farms with a close eye on quality and consistency working closely with Hartwick College and Cornell University” says Chip Lain.



A malt house located in the blackdirt region of the Hudson Valley.



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